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Olympia Hams Thwart Burglary

OARS, Olympia Amateur Radio Society ham radio operators Doug Grover, N7POV and John Wruble, AC7VL, successfully interrupted a potential burglary attempt on Thursday, July 13.  

When pulling into the parking lot of the strip mall on the corner of Martin Way and Lilly Road, Doug noticed someone that appeared to be breaking into the Ascend Staffing office. “I reached for my phone to call the police when I realized that I had forgotten my phone at home!” stated Doug.  “I immediately called for some assistance on the OARS Repeater”, he says “and I got a response from John, AC7VL.” 

N7POV de AC7VL…“How can I help?” said John. 

De N7POV…“Please call the police and report this.” 

John gathered some additional information and called 911 to report the incident to the police. In the meantime, the would-be burglar noticed the activity in the parking lot.  “I stayed in my truck;” said Doug, “I really did not want to put myself into jeopardy.”  “I knew that the police were on the way.” “Also,” commented Doug, “Ernie, KK7ASX and Wes, KL7CVW, and Jim, AG7PR, checked in with me to make sure that I was safe.” 

As the burglar fled the scene the police arrived.  Case Closed!  OARS Hams save the day!