OARS, the Olympia Amateur Radio Society, club call sign NT7H, is an ARRL Special Service Club dedicated to promoting and supporting Amateur Radio in the Olympia Washington area as well as all of Thurston County.

We meet weekly every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM on the OARS Repeater system (see the "OARS Repeater" section on this site) and on Zoom, 216 944 109, no password.

The monthly meeting is the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at Tugboat Annie’s, 2100 West Bay Drive, Olympia, WA Zoom 435 905 935 password 147360. Come early, order dinner and enjoy the meeting.

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Note; You have reached the site of the Olympia Amateur Radio Society in Thurston County, Washington.  If you are searching for the Clallam County Amateur Radio Club their address is  https://olyham.com/