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This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is between THURSTON COUNTY ARES
concerning shared use of the NT7H repeater system.
TCARES is a Washington state non-profit corporation comprised of licensed
radio amateurs whose primary mission is to provide the Thurston County Department of
Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, and other governmental and non-
governmental entities with effective communication services during disasters and other
OARS is also a Washington state non-profit corporation comprised of licensed
radio amateurs. OARS was formed for the purpose of promoting interest and active
participation in amateur radio, emergency communications and public service.
OARS sponsors a system of amateur radio repeaters which operate using the call sign
NT7H on the frequencies of 147.3600 MHZ, 224.460 MHZ and 441.400 MHZ, collectively the
“NT7H repeater system,” under a Certificate of Coordination issued by Western Washington
Amateur Relay Association (“WWARA”).
Thurston 911 Communications (TComm911) hosts NT7H repeaters that operate from
Crawford Mountain and City-Owned Drinking Water Utility Site on the Eastside of Olympia.
The frequencies on which the NT7H repeater system operates are a fragile and finite
resource. Conflicts in their use can impair if not prevent their usefulness during emergencies and
public service events, and for training and readiness purposes.
The essential purpose of this MOU is to provide opportunity for the members of both
OARS and ARES to team up and produce plans and documentation of the existing OARS
repeater system, to coordinate its use during emergencies and for public service activities, to
explore upgrades to the system, and to assist with financial planning for system upgrades. The
goal is development of a common pool of knowledge within both groups on repeater operation
and maintenance, controller programming, and emerging technologies.

1. TCARES’ use of the NT7H repeater system shall have priority during declared
communications emergencies and for scheduled nets, training exercises, and public
service events;

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2. OARS shall have use priority at all other times;

3. TCARES and OARS shall each appoint two of the four members of a newly constituted
Repeater Committee (RC). The committee’s purpose is to foster cooperation between
OARS and TCARES for the operation, maintenance and improvement of the OARS
repeater system.

4. The RC shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a. Selecting by mutual agreement repeater system control operators;

b. Overseeing maintenance and operation of the system;

c. Promoting relations with City of Olympia and TComm911;

d. Formalizing operating protocols and standards;

e. Proposing an annual budget to cover the projected cost of maintaining and operating
the NT7H repeater system, including needed repairs and recommended upgrades or

f. Recommending whether and, if so, terms on which to acquire Fred Baker’s Capitol
Peak repeaters (6M and 900 Mhz);

g. Training designated TCARES and OARS members in repeater operation including
controller programming;

h. Ensuring physical access to the OARS portable repeater for use by TCARES during
emergencies and exercises;

i. Updating Western Washington Repeater Association on this MOU and points of
contact with OARS and TCARES; and,

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j. Reporting periodically system status.

5. The RC shall make a good faith effort to develop a formula, subject to TCARES and
OARS approval, for sharing the cost of the NT7H repeater system.

6. TCARES and OARS shall coordinate fund raising.

7. This MOU shall take effect upon signing by the authorized representatives of OARS and
TCARES. It may be amended by mutual agreement and shall remain in effect until
terminated by either party, upon ninety (90) days advance written notice to the other.


Dated: 10/23/2020 By:
Its: President/Emergency Coordinator


Dated: 10/24/2020 By: Bruce A Montgomery
Its: President