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Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution of the Olympia Amateur Radio Society

Article 1 - Purpose

1.1  The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the interest of and active participation in amateur radio, emergency communications and public service. 

Article 2 - Membership

2.1  Membership in this organization shall be open to licensed radio amateurs of all classes and to others displaying a genuine interest in amateur radio.

2.2  Licensed radio amateurs who are members in good standing shall be the voting membership. 

Article 3 - Officers

3.1  There shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Member at Large and Treasurer who shall perform those duties defined in the bylaws.

3.2  Vacancies occurring between elections shall be filled by special election at the first regular meeting at which the withdrawal or resignation is announced. Elections shall be by majority of voting members present. Elected officers will be seated immediately.

3.3  Any officer missing three consecutive meetings without prior notification may be removed from office and said office shall be filled by special election at the next regular meeting. 

Article 4 - Meetings

4.1  Meetings shall be held at a time and place as specified in the bylaws.

4.2  "Robert's Rules of Order -- Revised" shall be used as a guide in the conduct of all meetings. 

Article 5 - Elections

5.1  The Executive Board, acting as the "Officer Nominating Committee" shall notify the membership of the candidates selected in the October newsletter. The incumbent Vice President shall automatically be nominated for President. Additional nominations may be made by the voting membership at the October meeting.

5.2  Elections shall be held at the October meeting by majority vote of the voting members present.

5.3  The term of office shall be for one year beginning January 1 of the upcoming year. 

Article 6 - Amendments

6.1  The Constitution may be amended by submission in writing of a proposed amendment at any regular meeting, but may not be acted upon until the next regular meeting.

6.2  Written notice of the meeting shall be sent to each member prior to the meeting at which the proposed amendment is to be acted on. The proposed amendment shall require the approval of two-thirds of the voting members present in a formal vote.


Bylaws of the Olympia Amateur Radio Society


Article 1 - Officers

1.1   The President shall preside over all regular membership and Executive Board meetings and is responsible for the overall operation of the club.

1.2   The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President. The Vice President's responsibilities include chairing the Program Committee.

1.3   The Secretary shall record the minutes of the regular club meetings, handle club correspondence, maintain club records and distribute the club's monthly newsletter.

1.4   The Treasurer shall control and maintain records of all club funds, keep the membership list current and keep detailed records of other fund drives. The Treasurer will keep the records current and provide the Executive Committee a detailed monthly report. The Treasurer will report the current balances of accounts, expenditures and income by including a monthly statement in the newsletter. The books will be available for display at each club meeting.

1.5   The Member-at-Large shall represent the general membership at the Executive Board meetings, and can serve on other committees as needed. 

Article 2 - Executive Board

2.1  The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers to be elected at the October meeting. The President shall preside at Executive Board meetings. 

Article 3 - Membership Procedures

3.1  All applications for membership shall be in the form prescribed by the Executive Board. Such application must be accompanied by a membership fee (dues) as prescribed in Article 4 of the bylaws.

3.2  Nominations for Honorary Lifetime membership may be introduced by any member at a regular meeting of the membership. Upon a vote of a two-thirds majority of the voting membership present at the next regular meeting, the Honorary Lifetime membership shall be awarded.

3.3  No person shall be accepted for membership unless he/she agrees fully to comply with all of the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution and the Bylaws of the Olympia Amateur Radio Society. Any member who violates his/her membership agreement may have his/her membership revoked by a two-thirds majority of the voting members present at any regular meeting of the membership. 

Article 4 - Membership Dues

4.1  Membership dues shall be established by a vote of the club membership on recommendation of the Executive Board and published in the newsletter prior to the vote. Honorary Lifetime members shall pay no dues.

4.2  Students of club sponsored novice classes shall be gratis members during and one month following class completion.

4.3  Annual membership shall be due on the 1st of January. New member dues will be prorated monthly for the first year. 

Article 5 - Club-Owned Property

5.1  A Custodian shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

5.2  The Custodian will be the custodian of all club-owned property, and shall maintain a current inventory list in duplicate of all items and their locations. One copy of the list will be held by the Custodian and one will be held in the file of the Treasurer.

5.3  Members shall have access to the use of club-owned property as defined in the station rules. Individuals using club-owned property in this manner are responsible for the care and preservation of the property while in their hands. No item of club-owned property may be modified or removed by any of the members without express approval of the Executive Board.

5.4  Acquisition of new property and the disposition of old property shall be subject to a majority vote of the voting membership attending any regular meeting. Necessary repairs to club-owned equipment will be accomplished at a minimum cost to the club, and such costs shall be subject to review and prior approval of the Executive Board.

5.5  The Board of Directors shall select a Trustee from the OARS membership to be the Trustee of the Club Callsign/License issued by the FCC. The Board of Directors may change the Trustee of the Callsign/License as necessary. Notification of the change shall be given to the outgoing Trustee and the OARS membership. 

Article 6 - Meetings

6.1  Monthly meetings will be held at a regular time and place as determined by a majority of members in good standing at a monthly meeting. The Board may change the time and location of single meetings should exceptional conditions occur, provided adequate notice is provided to the membership. The December meeting will be a special dinner meeting.

6.2  The Executive Board shall meet once each month at a time other than the regular meeting of the membership. The time and place of the Board meeting shall be designated by the President and announced at the regular club meeting. 

Article 7 - Station Rules

7.1  Station Rules shall be defined and/or modified by the Executive Board. 

Article 8 - Committees

8.1  Committees may be appointed by the President as needed. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all such committees.

8.2  The committees may appoint such agents or assistants as they find necessary to conduct committee business.

8.3  Standing Committees:

RFI Committee

Objectives:  To identify the source of RFI complaints and, if amateur related, attempt to resolve.

Policies and Procedures:

1. The RFI Committee will intervene only if requested by the complaining party -- or the FCC.

2. If an RFI complaint is determined to be within the complainant's equipment, the RFI Committee will advise action to be taken; not correct or repair any equipment.

3. If the assistance of the RFI Committee is requested by the FCC, the Committee will attempt to locate the source of the RFI:

    a. If the source is of or by a commercially operated licensee, the findings will be so reported.

    b. If the source is of or by citizens' band operated stations, the findings will be so reported.

    c. If the source is of or by amateur radio, the Committee will make contact and attempt to resolve.

Repeater Committee

Objective: Maintain repeaters for use by club members.

1. It should consist of a chief operator and not more than four members appointed by the Executive Board.

2. All maintenance and/or modifications to the repeaters must go through this committee.

3. This committee is responsible to the Board of Directors and ultimately the membership.

The committee has discretionary control of budgeted repeater maintenance funds. Any extra expenditures must be approved by the Board of Directors/membership. 

Article 9 - Amendments

9.1  These Bylaws may be amended by the submission in writing of a proposed amendments at any regular meeting, but may not be acted upon until the next regular meeting.

9.2  Voting members shall be notified, in writing, at least seven days prior to a meeting in which bylaws amendments are acted upon. The proposed amendment shall be stated in the notice.

9.3  The adoption of a proposed amendment shall require the approval of two-thirds of the voting members present in a formal vote.